FALL 2022




Indoor Skate

Street Style Shorts in Stock, perfect for indoor skate or to chill.

Hippie Sweat Shorts  - Gray





Early Days


Street Style was Sweden’s largest and first skateboard distributor and shop. The first store opened in 1988 on the street Olofsgatan in Stockholm. We activated the Swedish skateboarding in modern times, the entire generation of Swedish skaters today active is derived from Olofsgatan 12 in one way or another. We worked with the best brands and had the best skaters on our team.

Wild as f**k


During the early 1990s, we opened another store in Stockholm at our warehouse at Brunnsgatsbacken with the name ALCO, at the same time we changed the name on the original Street Style Shop at Olofsgatan to "SYSTEMETT". During the same period we opened the first two skate stores in the east europe, one in Warzsawa and one in Budapest.


21st century

From 2000, we are back in the driving seat and back in our core business as a wholesaler and importer of Sweden’s leading streetwear and skate brands.Many are the brands we built in Sweden:Stussy, Fresh Jive, Vision Street Wear, Thrasher, Triple Five Soul, Echo Unlimited, Von Dutch, Zoo York, Svea, Spitfire, Paul Frank, Van’s, Globe, Shuvit, Santa Cruz, Powell, World Industries, CBGB etc etc…

The era continues

31 Years strong

In 2019, 31 years after we first started the Street Style legacy we now have come back to the front seat stronger than ever. With a new broad line of products containing a mix of re-issues from the past together with great new products we think that Street Style is ready to light up the streets again.

So get ready and behold, the Cadillacs of Dudes rolls again for whatever future brings.

Back with a full collection

The greatest comeback in skatebording

We went to work and released a full collection that hit the market november 2021. This is the first step for the brand and more to come. Street Style is back so keep your eyes open for more!

After Skate Collection

Beers, Skates and Slippers

Street Style are back this spring with a collab with our friends at the small independent micro brewery Good Guys. A After Skate beer, a Skatebord and slippers makes the collection to the perfect mix. Art work by Leolyxxx and check out our promo video with bear lover @swedishbrewlady here:

.Street Style x Good Guys Brew with @Swedishbrewlady

Skateboard Collab

Street Style x The Hellacopters

Street Style teamed up with the rock n roll legends in The Hellacopters to make a special collab skatebord of there lates album cover. Only 100 pcs made and sold out the same day as release!

Street Style - 100% Organic cotton. 

In our new autumn collection, all t-shirts, sweatshirts and trousers are made of 100% Organically grown cotton
Our cotton is 100% organically grown, free of toxic chemicals and pesticides. So it consumes up to 91% less water and produces 46% less CO2 than conventional cotton cultivation.